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How to choose a blower?


Choosing a blower brush is not so simple the range is wide. There are several criteria to consider but the type of hair is often the main criteria.

When I look for a blower brush, the first thing I look at is its ease of use and maneuverability. A brush that has accessories that do not fit my needs, that looks complicated to use, that has a handle too big will necessarily stay in the department store.

To be sure that your brush is a quality model, trust the brands (and my tests). Calor, Babyliss, Remington and john frieda hot air brush are for example quality guarantees. There are others of course but do not take too many risks. These are recognized in the world of hairdressing.

Also pay attention to the price. A very expensive blower does not mean that it is better than the others. By cons, a model whose price is really low is often synonymous with poor quality especially if you have never heard of the brand.

There are many other criteria to consider if you want to be sure to make the right choice. I review them in my article "How to choose your blowing brush". do not hesitate to consult it. You will have all the keys in hand to offer you the blower that best fits your needs for hairstyles and your hair type.


3 types of blower brushes

To complicate all this, know that there are several types of blowers. During your research, you will meet with heating brushes, blowing and heating brushes and rotating blower brushes. As I feel that you are starting to have a headache, do not worry, I will explain the difference between these three models.

We will start with the heated brush. It is used on dry hair and can smooth them, give them volume or create beautiful waves.

The blower and heating brush dries your hair at the same time as it caps them. It's a 2 in 1 device that you only hold with one hand. The movements of the brush are done manually.

The rotating blower is the model that allows you to blow dry without the slightest effort. Thanks to its 2 automatic directions of rotation, you style your locks inwards or outwards.

Why do you need a blower?

This is often the question that I am asked when we do not know this type of devices. To answer, I often talk about my own experience.

Like all girls, I know how hard it is to blow dry yourself. You have to wrap each wick around a brush, shoot it while having the hair dryer in the other hand. It takes a lot of effort and the result is rarely up to our expectations. The heated brush makes you forget all those efforts. She will do it for you.

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